Guided Inner Voice Meditation for Activism Burnout

The past week has been heavy (to say the very least!) So much pain and trauma has come up to the surface and is being acknowledged at this scale for the first time! We have collectively felt the pain of our black brothers & sisters- and in this crucial time for our society, our individual and collective actions are so important in shaping the fair & just world that we want to live in. We all have a role to play in this & are joining the movement in whatever way we can. I feel called to share this guided Inner Voice Meditation. This is for you if:

✨You need a space to release some heavy emotions.

You are unsure on how to show up right now & would like your inner voice’s clarity & guidance on what actions to take.

You feel burnt out & need a reset so you can continue standing up for justice, with full alignment that can only come from connecting with your Inner Voice 🙏🏾

Please see this short IGTV video for more context of the questions in the meditation.

If you are curious to read what I received from my Inner Voice when I asked for guidance on what to do right now, you can see this post below. Click on the arrows to see the whole thread or if the post is not loading, click below to view the post on instagram directly.

Whatever way you show up, however you maybe feeling right now- I wholeheartedly believe that we can make the biggest impact only when we show up in alignment with our inner voice! In this time where we seek for direction outside of us, I hope you’ll give yourself 10 minutes to connect with your Inner Voice and find the answers within yourself.

Big hugs xx


PS: I’ve just started a Youtube Channel & will be sharing more videos there to help you connect with your Inner Voice, live more in the present moment & open up to a life of joy & wonder! :). It would mean so much if you subscribe 🙂 Click here to have a look! xx

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